Topaz, Quartz, Albite
Gaoligong Mts (Gaoligong Shan), Nujiang Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China
Thumbnail, 2.25 x 2.0 x 2.0 cm
An amazing specimen from a very small pocket recently found, that has the best color yet seen in Chinese topaz. The color in fact rivals Pakistani material, finally! This attractive matrix piece boasts crystals to 2.25 x 2 x 2 cm in size, with brilliant luster and deep champagne color. As the crystals go larger in size, they shed some of the color intensity but get sharper and more gemmy, even (those to come in later updates). This is by far the best lot I have seen yet, although the mine has trickled material out for the last 5 years or so, sporadically. 12.9 x 8.7 x 4.6 cm