Spessartine, Fluorite, Quartz (Var: Smoky Quartz)
Wushan Spessartine Mine, Tongbei, Yunxiao Co., Zhangzhou Prefecture, Fujian Province, China
Cabinet, 10.9 x 5.4 x 2.8 cm
An AESTHETIC and UNCOMMON combination CABINET plate from the Tongbei Area of China. Very gemmy and lustrous orange spessartine garnets to 6 mm richly cover matrix along with lustrous, smoky quartz crystals and one, frosted, very light green fluorite octohedron. A couple of broken smoky crystals are barely noticeable and are certainly not detracting. Very few of these spessartine/fluorite combo pieces have come from Tongbei. The back and one side has been sawed to enhance display. 10.9 x 5.4 x 2.8 cm