Spessartine Garnet on Quartz
Wushan Spessartine Mine, Tongbei, Yunxiao Co., Zhangzhou, Fujian, China
Large Cabinet, 15.6 x 7.7 x 6.3 cm
$8,500.00 $6,375.00
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This is a majestic, vertical crystal cluster of beautiful faintly smoky-colored quartz draped with the most sparkling, gemmy, glistening spessartine garnets, from old finds at the original Tongbei location. This was collected by Chen WeiGang and his team in the early 2000s and is a very characteristic style for the time, with clarity, sharpness, and a "look" that was not matched with later finds of bigger garnets or more dark and smoky quartzes. Each pocket is different here, but similarities persist through the years and there are so many styles. This is big, gorgeous, and impactful. As an extra bonus, if you look closely, you can see little gem garnet crystals floating INSIDE the quartz, as inclusions! That was always extremely rare, and in later finds the quartzes were often too dark to see the inclusions within. Lastly, it is stable as it stands, freestanding without need of assistance for display.