Aquamarine With Schorl
Cabinet, 11.2 x 8.3 x 4.1 cm
Erongo Mountain, Usakos District, Erongo Region, Namibia

This is an aesthetic and impactful, combo specimen of aqua accented by contrasting black schorl. The large, glassy and gemmy, rich blue aquamarines, to 7 cm in length, form a wide cluster with the dominant fatter crystal shooting up ion the middle and capped by a 4-cm-long gem termination coming out at the viewer. The splayed angles at which these crystals interact make the piece seem larger, more space-filling and more visually 3-dimensional. There are jet black schorl crystals to 1.5 cm scattered about and accenting the aquas. All of this is on a thin crust of white feldspar matrix. As is common to this region, some aqua termination edges do show some minor wear (mostly in situ from the tight pocket conditions). If pristine, it would cost more simply for that reason, but no improvement in overall aesthetics would result; and this wear is quite minor, visually. Despite its open geometry, this is not repaired, as you might think, but came out in one piece. Overall, this is a major aqua specimen for the district and one of the most impressive pieces at the price and size range. Comes with custom, carved lucite base for display