Aurichalcite in Calcite
Ojuela Mine, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico
Small Cabinet, 6.4 x 5.2 x 2.7 cm
A plate of intergrown, lustrous and translucent, calcite rhombs, to 2.0 cm across, is emplaced on an ocherous matrix. The crystals are heavily included by fibrous aurichalcite which has turned them a rich blue color. Only minor peripheral contact can be seen at the edges, which does not affect the overall quality of the specimen. This is one of the richest overall paltes of solid colored crystals from the find. When closely examining the calcite, it is possible to see the fibrous aurichalcite crystals preserved inside, thus showing that this is intergrowth, as much or more so than simple inclusions. Some crystals of calcite may be more aurichalcite than calcite now! The color is, truly, mesmerizing! Because they are also lustrous, this is hard to photograph and I assure you the color and luster both are better in person because we had the camera compromise to try to get each in some degree.