Chalcopyrite With Quartz
Ellenville Lead Mine, Ellenville, Ulster Co., New York, USA
Cabinet, 10.9 x 9.0 x 6.3 cm
A MAJOR old specimen with a HUGE, 7-cm-long chalcopyrite crystal on which rests a cluster of quartz, and then another, smaller but sharper, chalcopyrite! this is a classic old locality, from which specimens seldom turn up today (the mine was shut in 1932). This particular specimen is a stunningly large chalcopyrite for any US locality - I cannot think of a larger crystal from other places in the States. It is in great condition considering its size and age, with just a small amount of edge wear to the patina coating. Note it has not been cleaned. A little chemistry, and that black patina would probably come off to reveal a gleaming golden crystal underneath, making it both big and beautiful.