Winza, Mpwapwa district, Dodoma region, Tanzania
Toenail, 2.8 x 2.0 x 2.0 cm
This is a killer thumbnail specimen, my favorite matrix thumbnail from the lot that I had. A bit of matrix is host for 2 crystals of lustrous and translucent, cherry red ruby with exquisite micro-details on the faces and sharp bevelled edges. The larger one, exhibiting superb crystal form, measures 1.5 cm across. These ruby crystals are totally unique in form, and combined with color and gemminess make for a dramatic matrix presentation that is unlike rubies from any other locality in the world, so far as I know.Because of the balance and aesthetics of this specimen, and the quality of the ruby crystals (which have some cutting value as well), I regard this specimen very highly. Thumbnail or not, its superb. Bu as a thumbnail, for overall balance and poise, I think it is the highest competition-level quality.