Cabinet, 12.1 x 9.0 x 6.4 cm
near Daye, Daye Co., Huangshi Prefecture, Hubei Province, China
A shard of dark gray limestone is the host for a very large calcite crystal which is framed, aesthetically, near the base by a cluster of smaller calcite crystals. The large crystal, 8.75 cm across, is thick, colorless, translucent and lustrous. It has a gemmy and colorless core which was overgrown by a later generation of calcite. Just like the other calcites in this update the short prismatic faces are the gemmiest and the contrast is very striking. Minor bruising on a few edges, and one contact at the lower-right-rear of the major crystal, is insignificant in context given this crystal appears to be the maximal size from the find, from what I saw in Tucson.