Fluorite (Clear and Iridescent!) on Baryte
Grube Clara, near Wolfrach, Schwarzwald, Black Forest, Germany
Small Cabinet, 6.5 x 3.0 x 3.0 cm
WOW! This specimen is simply awesome in quality for this historic old mine! It is PRISTINE and bright, of a perfection rarely seen in the mineral world. It is NOT a recent piece, either. The crystals are razor sharp and pristine, and clear/gemmy to a degree that you don't see even in the best Dalnegorsk clear fluorite. You can look right through every fluorite cube to the bladed Baryte beneath, in fact. In the right lighting, angling the piece this way and that, you can easily see iridescent flashes of color in the smaller crystals. The large crystal is 1.2 cm on edge.