Fluorite phantoms with Chalcopyrite inclusions
Minerva No. 1 Mine, Ozark-Mahoning group, Cave-In-Rock Mining Sub-Dist., Hardin Co., Illinois, USA
Cabinet, 10.1 x 8.3 x 5.7 cm
Ex. Ross Lillie
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From the important Illinois collection of Ross Lillie #RCL1983, this is a stunning and transparent fluorite specimen that shows a rare combination of glassy lavender zoning around a core of yellow. Combination of form, phantoms, and colors makes this spectacular to the eye but beyond that, yellow is one of the most rare colors in combination with good phantoms of blue or purple. Small chalcopyrite crystals float within as a bonus. And, it fluoresces strongly purple due to the presence of traces of petroleum within. A true classic from the heyday, kept in the famous Lillie fluorite collection to document all variety and habits of these mines because of the unique color palette. Mined in 1988 according to his records (and obtained by him directly or from the miner at that time). Crystals reach 5 cm across. Please note we have only had this cleaned, not restored - there are a few very trivial dings including one on a corner, but they are tiny and I'd rather have the fully natural specimen in this case.