Cyanotrichite with Brochantite
Grandview Mine, Grandview Mining Dist., Coconino Co., Arizona, USA
Small Cabinet, 8.3 x 6.7 x 5.7 cm
Ex. Bob Bartsch; Rock Currier
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A very fine and rare small cabinet specimen of electric blue Cyanotrichite from the Grandview Mine in Arizona. Cyanotrichite is a Copper Aluminum sulfate and well-crystallized specimens like this one are few and far between. The specimen was collected by Bob Bartsch on July 3, 1966. The mine is long defunct, but when specimens were being recovered, they were some of the most incredible, and brightly colored specimens from Arizona, or anywhere else for that matter. This specimen has numerous tufts of hair-like, radiating, acicular (needle-like) aggregates or "sprays" of Cyanotrichite with excellent, electric blue color. It's associated with numerous, bright green sprays of Brochantite to provide a wonderful color contrast. This is a stunning small cabinet specimen! No specimens have been recovered from here in decades and are rarely available on the market. It should be noted that Moore's Compendium of Mineral Discoveries lists the Grandview Mine as the Type Locality and in contrast, MINDAT lists a mine in Romania as the Type Locality?! From Rock's catalog: "Some puffballs of incredibly delicate blue cyanotrichite growing on matrix with some dark green brochantite. I got the specimen when I was willed his mineral collection after his death. The suite of specimens that he collected at that time is I am sure the finest group of specimens remaining from the mine, and possibly the finest ever from this small mine." Rock Currier noted in his catalog in March of 2015. http://www.mindat.org/article.php/2158/Robert+Bartsch+++RIP++1939+to+2014