Benitoite on Natrolite
California Gem Mine, Santa Rita Peak, San Benito Co., California, USA
Miniature, 3.6 x 3.5 x 1.3 cm
Ex. Martin Zinn
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An amazing benitoite miniature with a giant triangular crystal and deep color, on matrix! We sold this specimen the first time around 2005 or so when the Zinn collection (the original, best one out of several he built!) was being dispersed, and were pleased to get it back recently. It is memorable because of the dramatic crystal of bright blue benitoite, to 2.8 cm on edge (over an inch !!), just flaring off the matrix. Any big benitoite is a good benitoite… my whimsical revision of "Veevaert's Law" that any benitoite is a good benitoite. This is a monster crystal on a well balanced miniature sized matrix. Things like this have not been found in decades and they are not likely to again. Although complete, it has one very minor restoration: at the time the collection dispersal was handled by a dealer who sold it to us with an apparently undisclosed small restoration on one tip. It is not easily visible and is well done to where I consider it acceptable, although can be seen with a UV light. Interestingly, this became number 1924 in his collection of over 6000 items at the time (see label, with his first wife from 1969), thus dating it wayyyy back. We have seen crystals of this style and size with the other older guard collectors, who said they were found in the 1950s-1960s, as is likely for this one between the style and the label.