Cobaltian Calcite
Mashamba West Mine, Kolwezi mining dist., Mutshatsha, Lualaba, DR Congo
Miniature, 3.9 x 2.6 x 1.6 cm
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A perfect, complete small miniature with form, symmetry, and classic color that is so rarely seen today in large crystals. This style of cobaltian calcite came out in the 1980s. While later material from here in the DR Congo, and from Morocco, has more color perhaps, they have different crystal shapes that are not as big and well defined. This scalenohedral habit is a classic and has not repeated in decades. Moreover, the doubly-terminated crystal is so dramatic and perfect up on a pedestal of matrix, which would have been unique even when it came out for its aesthetics. No damage. A minor green sphere of kolwezite hangs on one tip.