Erupcion Mine, Los Lamentos Mts, Chihuahua, Mexico
Small Cabinet, 7.8 x 6.3 x 3.4 cm
Ex. Kurt Hefendehl
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Los Lamentos Wulfenites are well-known for their unusual, and aesthetic, tabular habits. Often bi-colored, the crystals have a characteristic 'sandwich' appearance with outer layers that are commonly orange. The largest Wulfenite here is large at 2.1 cm across and a very substantial 1.8 cm thick. Rather than have the classic alternation of colors, these crystals grade from the typical orange into a 'chocolate brown'. However, this small cabinet specimen takes it even further, in which the entire piece color grades. One side is orange with brown, and then as you rotate the piece you can clearly see the color scheme change as the Wulfenites dramatically alter from dominantly orange to dominantly chocolate-brown. It's almost like each side was laying in a completely different fluid at the same time. It's amazing to look at, and it makes you wonder just how such a variation happened. This is a quality piece with an excellent and unusual aesthetic. Most people think that there are lots of these to be had because they stick in your mind, but the reality is that the best Wulfenite stopes in the mine are under water, since the 1980s making fine specimens rare and not likely to get more plentiful.