Smoky Quartz with Rutile and Hematite inclusion
Novo Horizonte, Bahia, Brazil
Small Cabinet, 9.7 x 8.3 x 5.2 cm
Ex. Kurt Hefendehl

Novo Horizonte is home to some of the mineral kingdom's most dazzling inclusions within quartz or any other species, specifically the Rutilated Smoky Quartz crystals found there. Inclusions themselves have always been a source of amazement, constantly bringing to mind questions of what, why, and HOW ON EARTH did they form? This is part of why they sell so well to the public in beads and carvings, making short work of large, thick, juicy crystals like this that can be cut up for beads and gems instead of left whole for us. It is a tragedy that the beauty is so easily conveyed in jewelry and gems, so we lose much of the natural crystals to the carving. This large, single, partially-contacted Smoky will impress as nature intended, as you admire the long, slender needles of Rutile that permeate the gemmy interior. Some of these sprays appear to be floaters, and the larger sprays, up to about 6 cm (!), originate from a Hematite core. This growth association between Rutile and Hematite is classic, and there are three distinct sprays radiating from the largest Hematite. As you sit with fascination and admire the beauty, it is easy to picture a golden comet with long, brilliant, golden tails. An old, fine specimen.