Hubnerite epimorph of Scheelite and Quartz, on Muscovite
Mundo Nuevo Mine, Pasto Bueno, Pampas Dist., Ancash Dept., Peru
Small Cabinet, 9.3 x 8.4 x 4.7 cm
Ex. Dr. Art Soregaroli
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This is a particular kind of pseudomorph (replacement) specimen of Hubnerite on Scheelite from the famed Mundo Nuevo Mine of Peru, called an epimorph as the hubnerite cast over the scheelite even as it got replaced, leaving a hollow cast. The bladed, mm-size, blood-red Hubnerite crystals have encrusted (epimorphed) the sharp octahedral Scheelite crystals, which range up to 1.2 cm in size. This is an outstanding combination piece with no lack of mineralogical interest and aesthetics. Art Soregaroli edited the magnum opus book on Peru mineral specimens, and this is from his prized collection of miniatures and small cabinet sized Peru pieces, most of which he obtained himself down there in the 1980s and 1990s. The whole matrix is composed of 2 mm Muscovite rosettes and gemmy Quartz crystals, both of which are fluorescent. It is quite intriguing that the Quartz crystals take two habits: elongated prisms up to 3.4 cm (that one is doubly-terminated) and a complex tabular crystals that are quite gemmy. Dr. Soregaroli literally wrote the book, PERU – Paradise of Minerals! As both a collector and as a businessman in ore mining, he had extensive travel to the region in the time these were coming out, and was considered a specialist with a particularly good Peruvian subcollection (which we purchased in the early 2010s).