Scheelite and Calcite, Arsenopyrite, Molybdenum
Huanggang Mines, Hexigten Banner, Ulanhad, Inner Mongolia A.R., China
Cabinet, 10.6 x 7.5 x 5.7 cm
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Scheelite from the Huanggang mining complex in Inner Mongolia really has given us a new world class scheelite locality, in a short time. The burst of specimens from 2012-2016 was amazing, but has slowed much. This is a dramatic combination piece that looks good either horizontally or vertically to the point where we simply could not decide what we liked best (the best kind of specimens!). A large, lustrous, grayish white scheelite crystal to 7 cm across is wreathed by bladed white calcite crystals, to 5 cm in length. The back side of the scheelite is studded with small arsenopyrite and pyrite crystals. According to an analysis a friend had done on these, the small black specks in the scheelite are actually inclusions of molybdenite. One heck of a combo specimen!