Yttrofluorite (2 generations) on Calcite
Qinglong Mine, Qinglong Co., Qianxinan, Guizhou, China
Cabinet, 12.1 x 11.8 x 3.3 cm
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A dominant crystal measuring 5.5 cm tall (just over two inches) highlights the top of this display-sized specimen of the new finds of purple yttrofluorite on calcite. For the size, and aesthetics, a piece of this style without any significant damage is very rare. This would date to earlier finds in 2019. Yttrofluorite used to be simply smudges or specks on a rock, but starting in perhaps 2019, these shocking combination specimens started to come out of the very strange Qinglong area, with purple druses of sparkling yttrofluorite and this is simply stunning in a showcase as the LED lights really bring out the color and contrast. According to mindat: Yttrofluorite is a variety of fluorite containing an appreciable amount of trivalent yttrium (Y) taking the place of divalent calcium (Ca) cations in the fluorite structure. Many early identifications of yttrofluorite are likely to be purple fluorite without appreciable yttrium. Yttrofluorite is not commonly purple and was originally reported from Hundholmen, Tysfjord, Nordland, Norway.Every now and then, new finds surprise us with something not only better but just plain "different" than what came before. Over a few years, the patterns and combinations changed - some darker or lighter, some calcites bigger or not.