Quartz (Japan-law twin)
Gunyahang Quartz Mine, Sankhuwasabha Dist., Prov. No. 1, Nepal
Small Cabinet, 7.5 x 4.9 x 0.9 cm
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This is a classic and very aesthetic Japan-law twinned Quartz crystals from the high deposits in Nepal, of all places! The lovely, transparent twin is perfect in form and composed of two, lustrous slightly flattened Quartz crystals with very faintly developed horizontal striations perpendicular to the c-axis. The twin component on the right side is actually a double in that there are two Quartz crystals in parallel that constitute the twin on this side. There are a couple of other Quartz crystal growing on and within the twin component duo on the one side at a random orientation. Minor contacting at the bottom where the twin was attached to the pocket. This is a glassy, well composed and captivating Japan law Quartz twin in near perfect condition! For the size, it is hard to imagine better. The quality of the luster, color/clarity, and balance really sets this apart from many. This was found circa 2019 and purchased from Nepalese sources who work these deposits in the short accessible period each year.