Ace of Diamonds Mine, Herkimer Co., New York, USA
Miniature, 2.9 x 2.7 x 1.6 cm
Ex. Dr. Ed David
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Good Herkimer Quartz crystals are grreat in any size and this is a bright, eye-catching toenail (small miniature sized) specimen. This is a super lustrous, totally gem, doubly-terminated, "Herkimer diamond" from the Ace of Diamonds Mine in Upstate New York, and at a "boxbuster thumbnail" size, this is a fine toenail example of this material. It's a sensational display piece with a pair of absolutely perfect, doubly terminated Quartz crystals perched adroitly on a third, also doubly terminated and mostly complete crystal that serves as a fitting base for the other two for impeccable balance and composition! Both of the crystals are 2.2 cm in length, and one of them is actually two, tightly intergrown Quartz crystals that essentially appear as one. The crystals are in excellent condition with one of them absolutely perfect, one with a few tiny dings and the one at the base has two negative crystal impressions where it grew on other Quartz crystals in the pocket. This is from the famous collection of Dr. Ed David, Nixon's Presidential Science advisor to the White House, with his catalog number painted carefully on the bottom (we purchased his collection back in the early 2000s and this has sold and come back to us since). This is truly a gem miniature, and although a small size was worthy even of one of the world's great collections at the time.