Quartz with Molybdenite inclusions
Confianza Mine, Tilama, Coquimbo, Chile
Cabinet, 10.4 x 10.2 x 7.6 cm
Ex. Terry Szenics
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A large, single, glassy, transparent Quartz crystal included by an attractive, oriented sprinkling of glistening, approximately-1 mm, silvery gray Molybdenite crystals. Upon close inspection, and depending on orientation, the mini Molybdenite crystals are abundantly and attractively scattered on the surface of a barely discernible phantom Quartz crystal! Very unique and enticing piece. It's in excellent condition with only a very tiny nick on the top terminal edge, Several of the faces have been polished to reveal the interior delights, so it is polished but retains natural shape. This was collected in the 1990s by, and comes from, the collection of Terry Szenics, widely known for his mineral exploration and recovery efforts in Chile and also in Maine; and after whom the mineral species Szenicsite is named.