"Queen of Green" pocket, Diana Maria Mine, Rogerley Quarry, Stanhope, County Durham, England, UK
Small Cabinet, 7.6 x 3.6 x 3.4 cm

Fluorite from the Rogerley quarry are modern UK classics and are often considered to be among the best in the world due to their superb green color, gemmy crystals, and striking daylight fluorescence. The Queen of Green pocket, discovered at the Diana Maria mine at the quarry, is regarded as one of the finest pockets recovered from the quarry in modern times. This specimen is a fine small cabinet example from this pocket, featuring a cluster of crystals up to 2 cm perched near the top, a 1cm crystal situated near the bottom, a cluster of galena centered in the middle, and the rest of the specimen coated with smaller green fluorites, making for a dynamic, aesthetic specimen overall. There is minimal damage to the specimen, with most around the periphery, however the largest crystal near the top has a couple of tiny chips on the edge (roughly 2mm). Like all fluorites from the locality, this one has wonderful daylight fluorescence, glowing a bright purple under sunlight. Under a UV light, this is turned up to 11 on a scale of 10 – glowing intensely! A very choice, budget-friendly specimen from this incredible find.