"Queen of Green" pocket, Diana Maria Mine, Rogerley Quarry, Stanhope, County Durham, England, UK
Cabinet, 14.0 x 9.1 x 4.9 cm

This is a large and sparkling display sized specimen where a matrix of limestone hosts hundreds of translucent, lustrous, gemmy emerald-green twinned fluorite crystals to 1.8 cm across. The core of the crystals is a rich emerald-green while the gemmy crystal edges are a rich blue-green even in indirect daylight. It's so daylight reactive that you won't need a UV light to see the color change, but if you do, it is HIGHLY fluorescent, turning a uniform, bright blue-purple color. It is nearly pristine, with just a few very tiny dings, mainly on the periphery of the crystals from extraction and trimming. There is a thin coating of sparkly quartz on many of the fluorite crystals that make them pop in person. This piece is well balanced with similar sized crystals across an entire piece. This is from the Queen of Green pocket, widely regarded as one of the premier pockets discovered at the Diana Maria mine in modern times over the last 50 years of periodic efforts here. A superb plate with unusual quality across a large surface display area.