Grossular Garnet
Jeffrey Mine, Val-des-Sources, Estrie, Quebec, Canada
Small Cabinet, 6.7 x 5.2 x 1.9 cm
Ex. Sandy Ludlum

Glassy, transparent, richly colored garnet crystals to 1.3 cm make this a beautiful small cabinet piece from this classic, now closed locale. The specimen literally formed as a "plate" completely covered with Garnets on one side with more isolated Garnets on the other - which side to pick to make the front is actually a subject of heated discussion here, and we could not decide evenly (so I am going with the side showing isolated crystals on black, as that IS the more rare habit). These are gorgeous, gemmy cinnamon-orange, trapezohedral Garnets with the classic, diamond-shaped stepped growth pattern on all of the glassy lustered faces - but every one of the crystals are glassy and gemmy, like glass literally in that one can easily see the matrix underneath these lovely gem garnets. Sometimes we say a garnet is gemmy, but this is GEM. It is a stunning specimen of topmost quality. The side with isolated crystals is pristine. The reverse side is nearly so. The brightness of the piece, and the size of the Garnets, give it fantastic impact in a case. Ex. Sandy Ludlum collection (one of my own mentors from childhood years, wandering into his old Mineral shop in Columbus Ohio in 1984). Sandy was close with the people mining these at the time, and although he failed to buy it contemporary to when it came out, he got it later (it went from the miners to Frank Melanson in 1977 and then to Ron Sohn in 1982, Dick Heck in 1989, and to Sandy through Neal Pfaff), and held it for 30 years. This is a phenomenal specimen.