Emerald with Quartz
Muzo Mine, Muzo Municipality, Boyaca Department, Colombia
Small Cabinet, 5.7 x 4.4 x 4.3 cm

A nearly 4 cm Emerald crystal is positioned front and center as if it is art on display, on this piece from the Muzo Mine in Colombia for maximum display effect. The large, bright green crystal sits amidst a stark white, angular Quartz matrix that is also host to several milky green Emerald crystals. This is a very unique piece for many reasons. The large Emerald crystal is glassy and starts out as a milky green at its base that is roughly terminated and grades upward into a translucent green with a milky hue, then the last third of the crystal is translucent to transparent with a flat pinacoid gem cap for the last 2 mm! It is a medium green in color, by gem dealer standards, but it is a color that I find very pleasing for this fine specimen. The contrast of white and green is also quite dramatic but the hematite-stained orange adds another hue as a bonus. It is also important to note that this Quartz association is rare for any of the Emerald districts in Colombia! The milky Quartz also hosts nearly a dozen smaller, milky Emerald crystals that vary in size from 5 mm to nearly 2 cm, some of which are terminated. There are numerous, hollow casts within the Quartz that may be evidence for former Calcite crystals that were completely etched and dissolved out at some point in the history of this piece as it formed. There is also a very light dusting of yellowish Goethite(?) that adds to the contrast and aesthetics. This is a very special, balanced, small cabinet piece, from a small pocket found in summer of 2020. We cannot recall ever seeing another with contrast of green against orange.

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