Topaz with Biotite Mica
Miniature, 5.2 x 3.6 x 2.0 cm
Tribute Pocket, Angus Dei Claim, Crystal Park, El Paso Co., Colorado, USA
Ex. Thomas Campbell

The Crystal Park area in Colorado has produced many fine mineral specimens and this nice Topaz and Biotite combination specimen is one of them! A 3.2 cm, glossy brown-black Biotite crystal is offset by an etched, champagne colored Topaz and sits perfectly on its own for display. The Biotite has a textbook, pseudo-hexagonal shape and there is a cluster of small Biotite crystals at its base on the back side. The Topaz has great color and glassy luster with a very intricate form produced by late-stage etching subsequent to its crystallization. The two make a great complementary pair. Good Biotite crystals from this area are not at all common and neither is this combination... from anywhere! It is a superb display miniature, and the only problem is deciding which species to put on top. Ex. Thomas Campbell collection with label.