Calcite with Chalcopyrite
Santa Barbara Mine, Santa Barbara Mun., Chihuahua, Mexico
Cabinet, 12.5 x 11.8 x 5.5 cm
Ex. Gary Weaver
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Variegated lavender and white clusters of Calcite crystals are highlighted with geometric patches of iridescent Chalcopyrite from another uncommon Mexican locality. Scalenohedrons of sharply formed and sharply edged, translucent Calcite crystals comprise a showy cabinet-sized plate. The Calcites are delightfully two-toned with central portions of the crystals largely translucent lavender with the edges and tips markedly translucent white. These Calcite crystals range in size from 1.5 to 4cm and there are several clusters of smaller Calcites with similar character isolated on the piece with one linear cluster along one of the larger Calcites. The geometric patches of small, iridescent Chalcopyrite crystals are dominated by metallic yellow, green and blue and the Chalcopyrite highlights preferred faces on the large Calcite crystals and just sparkle! An elegant combination specimen from the Gary Weaver collection with his label. Much more sparkly in person!

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