near Chenzhou, Hunan, China
Miniature, 5 x 4 x 2.6cm

This striking and aesthetic Fluorite specimen comes from relatively recent finds in China and presents water-clear, super lustrous cubes that are the most gemmy and clear we have yet seen from this deposit, after 25 years of waiting! The dominant gem crystal atop is to 1.9cm across. The Fluorite crystals are exceptionally sharp and water clear, from several recent finds during mining in 2019, (this was from November, as I bought it directly from the miner's agent in Changsha). This stacked crystal group of zoned, pale seafoam green Fluorites are piled up on a bit of gray matrix for just the right balance and presentation. Individual crystals have a pale sea green phantom and a nearly colorless outer zone and one can easily see right through them to the matrix! This eye-catching piece is very nearly pristine save one imperfection ( a contact) on the back lower corner of the top crystal. While there are bigger examples, and many common-level small examples, this one has a particularly fine balance and presentation for the size.

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