Wulfenite (Type Locality !)
Mezica Mine, Mezica (Miess), Slovenia
Small Cabinet, 7.3 x 6.6 x 3.2 cm
Ex. Tom Hall

While this originally was thought to be from the TYPE LOCALITY, the Bleiberg District in Austria, it is actually from the Mezica mine in Slovenia. Not only is the yellow-orange color incredibly uniform and very appealing, the habit of these Wulfies is most unusual for the district. These tabular crystals have a 'sandwich-like' habit reminiscent of what you see from Los Lamentos. The zoning in these crystals is subtle, but what is more remarkable are the spikey, crystalline faces (terminations, actually) of the Wulfies. I can't recall any growth effect in a Wulfenite quite like this. The spikes add a shimmer and definite mineral interest. The largest crystal is about 1.3 cm across, and the surface, liberally covered with crystals, is in excellent condition. Old label included. Gorgeous in its own way, this Wulfenite is certainly exemplary. At one time this was in the Bally-Prior Museum collection in Switzerland. Ex Obodda (who exchanged it from the Museum) in the 1990s