Quartz (Japan Law twinned)
Andilamena, Alaotra-Mangoro Region, Toamasina Province, Madagascar
Miniature, 5.1 x 4.4 x 2.9 cm

Classic and very aesthetic Japan-law twinned quartz crystals from Madagascar. The large, transparent twin is perfect in form and composed of two, lustrous slightly flattened quartz crystals with faintly developed horizontal striae perpendicular to the c-axis. A small shred of matrix hosting numerous small, transparent to translucent quartz crystals ranging in size from 2 to 6mm, accompanied by a stouter, 2cm- long crystal. A trace of yellowish iron staining is present on the small, quartz crystal matrix for a great accent. An abundance of these were mined in 2000-2001 but great examples like this were few and far between. Perfect condition. From the private collection of a European dealer who specializes in Madagascar material, and long held.