Fluorite with Dolomite and Quartz
Green Fluorite Mine, Chenzhou, Hunan Province, China
Small Cabinet, 9.6 x 7.7 x 4.7 cm
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This large glowing green cuboctahedron is lustrous and mostly gemmy. The emerald green fluorite is 7 cm in length with the cube face being totally gemmy, amidst slightly frosted side facets. Lustrous and slightly pink dolomite crystals at the base of the fluorite and on sparkly quartz, add a nice touch and date this piece to the "dolomite pocket" found early in the year. That little accent at the base really makes the piece a higher level. The crystal is largely complete all around (a few minor breaks on the back periphery only) and is contacted on back (where it grew against matrix and came off cleanly with no attached matrix to block light transmission) on back, and narrow in depth, which means that light really comes through and makes it more transparent than it would otherwise be. Dramatic in a case, this is a markedly different style than we have seen previously.