Topaz with oriented edge effects
Cabinet, 9.3 x 7.7 x 6.5 cm
Sakangy, Mogok, Burma, Myanmar

A fine, fist-sized gem topaz! Topaz from Burma has a slight amber hue, and great gemminess. This is a fine specimen for the size, with excellent termination and shape, and the classic color and attributes. It ALSO has a strange curving edge effect growth pattern that extends onto one face, and makes the piece look polished in part (though it is not). I am told that this patterning is very rare and reveals something quite interesting about the type of environment (temperature, pressure, solutes) in which the topaz formed, and such crystals are often dissected for study in doing research on gem deposits. This piece came out in the mid-2000s through well-known explorer and Mogok expert on rubies, Federico Barlocher. Photo by Joe Budd. Comes with a custom lucite base. View 360 Video at