Quartz with Adularia
Hamilton Hill Mine, Garland County, Arkansas, USA
Cabinet, 14.0 x 9.3 x 7.6 cm
Ex. Rick Hottel

Very aesthetic Arkansas quartz cluster with a rare association to adularia matrix, which is very rare from a new 2012 find in an old obscure mine worked in the 1800's called "Hamilton Hill" in Garland County. A friend of mine (James Zigras) saw specimens of adularia in the Smithsonian museum, dating to the 1890's, and went and tracked this location down. He pulled out one big pocket of these gorgeous quartzes with adularia crystals in combination, in 2012. If you did not know better, you'd swear they were Swiss! I have never seen such fine adularia from Arkansas, and this is a very balanced piece in the size range most of us prefer, from this one pocket. No repairs! The crystals are stunning, in person, and contrast nicely to the sparkling matrix. Better, more three dimensional, in person. I bought much at the time (mostly sold off now), and he went back and never found more. I doubt that anybody will invest the money to go back, after seeing the heavy work involved here. These will remain important Arkansas and USA specimens for a long time, I felt.