Grossular Garnet
Vesper Peak, Sultan District, Snohomish Co., Washington, USA
Miniature, 3.5 x 2.9 x 1.9 cm
Ex. Bart Cannon; Kay Robertson
An important USA specimen with great provenance! This crystal is HUGE for the locality. Choice, glassy, and partly transparent, this Grossular Garnet shows off a beautiful and rich cinnamon color which is nearly unique to this location. The luster is excellent, and the largest of the crystals is 3.3 cm, upon a perch of smaller crystals. Proper lighting really shows how the crystals glow, as well as reflect. This skarn area in Washington was a noted locality for fine Grossular during the 1970s. Very clean of damage, and naturally contacted on the back, this outstanding specimen from Vesper Peak, Washington was collected by Bart Cannon (the major field collector here) during the 1970s heyday for good finds. It is a remote, difficult-to-access locale, and few specimens of this caliber are known to exist. The piece carries Bart's original label, still. Bonus: note the truly unique nature of the Vesper Peak garnets which is that some of them have certain crystal faces that form