Corundum var. Sapphire (twinned)
Koksha Valley, Khash & Kuran Wa Munjan Districts, Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan
Miniature, 3.5 x 3.2 x 2.8 cm
Ex. Herb Obodda

This is a rarity from the famous mining district known for Lapis Lazuli, and less commonly for Sodalite and Lazurite crystals. Emplaced high on a thick, micaceous schist is a pair of intergrown, well-terminated Sapphire crystals. They are translucent to gemmy, lustrous, and have as beautiful a deep blue color as you could want. Unusually, some of the crystals are mottled with white, and it is these white areas that fluoresce the strongest. The largest crystal measures 2 cm in length. Rare, aesthetic, and to my mind, a display quality Sapphire from this region where you do not expect to see the species!

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