Beryl var. Red Beryl
Small Cabinet, 8.0 x 7.2 x 4.1 cm
Violet claims, Wah Wah Mts, Beaver Co., Utah, USA
Ex. Dr. Art Soregaroli
Fine, alluring Red Beryl crystal aesthetically emplaced on a rhyolite matrix. From the noted Wah Wah Mountains of Utah, the crystal has an excellent wine-red color, is lustrous, and the upper third is quite gemmy (there is some gem rough value, here). It is sharp, well-terminated, and 2.1 cm in length. There is a minor bit of edge wear, but it is insignificant compared to the rarity, desirability, and aesthetics of this matrix specimen. NOTE: as with many of these specimens showing crystals displayed on the surface of the soft rhyolite matrix. This has been stabilized at the least and is possibly repaired as well (though it is difficult to tell which without undoing all). In this case, I would label the piece as probably repaired.