Fluorite with Barite (Petroleum-stained)
Sub-Rosiclare Level, Annabel Lee Mine, Harris Creek Dist., Illinois, USA
Cabinet, 13.3 x 12.5 x 8.8 cm
Ex. Ross Lillie
An impressive large specimen with dramatic phantom-zoned crystals on contrasting matrix: This large piece can display several ways, actually, though we like this horizontal view. The large barite "mound" is crystallized and provides a nice contrast to the sharp edges of the fluorites. It is stained a darker color than usual because of minute inclusions of petroleum. The fluorites are lustrous and gemmy, sharply color-zoned crystals to 5 cm on a side. The fluorite crystals, which exhibit stepped growth, appear dark purple but actually have straw colored cores and dark purple bands at the terminations - colors and patterns that are more evident and dramatic in person. Mined in December,1953 and from the Ross Lillie collection. RCL#1852.