Plumbogummite replacing Pyromorphite
Yangshuo Mine, Yangshuo Co., Guilin Pref., Guangxi Zhuang, China
Small Cabinet, 8.5 x 7.0 x 6.3 cm
$2,500.00 Payment Plan Available
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This specimen is one of the few showing barely any replacement and mostly original pyromorphite is present: Partial pseudomorphs of plumbogummite after pyromorphite in crystals to 4.7 cm in length exhibit cavernous growth at the terminations and contrast with the display side which is colored a sky blue color. The backside clearly shows the olive green vestiges of the original pyromorphite. The progression of replacement can be seen inside some broken crystals on the piece (there are a few spots of damage, hence the lower price for the size and color qualities here). There is some contact to the lower left hand display side but the two largest crystals are intact and dramatic, the piece is very colorful, and it can display a number of ways.