Fluorite on Quartz, With Pyrite
Cabinet, 12.0 x 5.6 x 1.5 cm
Main Stope, Sweet Home Mine, Mount Bross, Park Co., Colorado, USA
Ex. Dr. Art Soregaroli
The Sweet Home mine is famous for its Rhodochrosite specimens, but it has produced some very fine Fluorites, as well. This Cabinet specimen is dominated by at least a hundred eye-catching, sky-blue Fluorite cubes that average 2-3 mm in size. Many are perched on the frosted, sharp Quartz needles, creating a dramatic combination. These Fluorites are actually gemmy and zoned, with faces that are frosted to translucent. There are some Pyrite crystals tucked down amidst the Quartz, as well as some other sulfides, possibly Tetrahedrite among them. This is a choice, inviting association specimen from the mine that produced the world's finest Rhodochrosites. Rare!