Fluorite and Calcite With Baryte, on Sphalerite
Sub-Rosiclare Level, Minerva #1 Mine, Cave-in-Rock, Hardin Co., Illinois, USA
Cabinet, 9.6 x 8.0 x 5.0 cm
Ex. Ross Lillie
A distinctive combination specimen from the renowned Minerva #1 Mine in southern Illinois. The Fluorites, which range up to 5.5 cm, have the classic yellow cores with dark and light purple outer zones. The luster is good, but the stepped nature of the faces masks how gemmy these crystals really are. Adding to the quality of the piece are numerous, slightly fluorescent Calcites. They are partially gemmy and occur as singles up to 1.5 cm as well as attractive hedgehog clusters. With some included and exposed Baryte, this is highly representative of Minerva and yet specimens showing such combinations are rare (as noted by Ross Lillie on his label). Mined in 1995. Overall, the aesthetics are very good and as Lillie noted on his label, although there is some edge wear (on the bottom 2 crystals only), it doesn't adversely affect the overall specimen given its size and rarity. RCL 1214