Small Cabinet, 8.4 x 3.4 x 3.1 cm
Galena district, Jo Davies Co., Illinois, USA
Ex. Clarence Bement; Herb Obodda; American Museum of Natural History

An incredible old US classic, complete all around and in amazing condition after over 120 years. This highly unusual, elongated and distorted twisted galena crystal was #999 in the massive collection of Clarence Bement: (1843-1923) ( Note that Bement paid $3 for this towards the end of the 1800's - which was actually a quite high price for a little galena, at the time! His original dealer label with the specimen noted "rare xl" even at the time they were coming out. I have previously seen only a few genuine GALENA specimens from GALENA, and I have never had one with such good provenance and a specific mine name there. The provenance and confirmation add a lot to the specimen. Also note the piece is labeled in ink "999" in the handwritten style of curator Charles Gratacap. This piece would have been in his collection when it was purchased by financier JP Morgan in 1910 and donated to the American Museum of Natural History. The number remains painted on the bottom of the specimen, 120 years or so later. Ex. Bement, AMNH. Great history and a great old USA classic from the old iron district of Missouri. Joe Budd photos.