Ahmednegar, Maharashtra, India, April 2003
Small Cabinet, 7.1 x 5.4 x 5.1 cm
I am a big fan of Indian apophyllites, but only of pieces which stand above the crowd of quantity which comes from these vast volcanic fields. Usually, this means a special pocket that to me and to others stands above the other finds and is remembered long after, and to which new pockets are compared to. This is from such a find in April of 2003, which I and others refer to as the "Gem Pocket" for its superb specimens with rich mint green color and unusually fine and gemmy crystals. Specimens from this pocket have been illustrated, and traded at increasing values in top collections - quite a contrast to the vast quantity of apophyllite wannabe's out there. This piece was recovered from the back side of a major specimen I obtained at that time, when the owner of the pocket, KC Pandey, visited my home as he showed them across the US. Other pieces from this pocket have reside(d) in the Houston Museum, Wilensky, and Irv Brown collections. It has all the amazing characteristics of theis pocket and is MUCH better in person because it is so hard to photograph. It is, literally, like a jewel.