Fluorite, Calcite, Muscovite
TaoXiKeng Tungsten Mine, GanZhou, Chongyi Co., Jiangxi Prov., China
Small Cabinet, 7.9 x 6.0 x 3.9 cm
This is a very aesthetic combo specimen of subtle complexity when you look at it in person. It features a few SHARP, GLASSY and gemmy fluorite crystals, to 3 cm across, that are color-zoned with various blue-green hues and 4 mm-thick edges around a sharp phantom line inside each cube. The centers of the fluorite crystals represent earlier growth, within. Interesting inclusions of small white specks dot the internal phantoms (strontianite? calcite?) .. On top of these eye pleasing fluorites, are beautifully situated rosettes of white calcite, like little flowers. Color and textural differences really highlight this specimen. It is pristine save only a small ding on top of the main crystal as shown. It is there, but does not detract unless on close examination, really. Also, the piece could be displayed the other way, upside down to this, if it was a problem in person - either looks just as fine a view. Collected 2007-12-18th, and from a prominent and carefully assembled collection of Jiangxi minerals with precise localities.

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