Cavansite With Stilbite
Wagholi Mine, Poona, Maharashtra, India
Small Cabinet, 8.1 x 5.4 x 4.6 cm
Ex. Ken Roberts
While cavansite is common enough, truly great, top-top-percentile specimens that stand out to my eyes are actually very uncommon. Most cavansite is more or less the same style, in variations. This piece, though, has a gorgeous cluster of the richest, sparkliest blue cavansite you could ask for, just sitting perched atop an elegant mound of stilbite. It is perfect and pristine, complete all around - both the cavansite cluster itself, and the matrix knoll. It GLOWS with sparkle and has the mos tintense color saturation - again, hard to convey both in a photo at full intensity. Lastly, the cavansite is framed by two large stilbites, among the larger stilbite blades I have seen with any cavansite, ever. I know it is hard to gauge such subltleties of quality in 2-dimensional photos, but this really IS better than the rest in a measurable and notable sense to the trained eye that has glazed over from seeing so many thousands of cavansites over the years. Ken Roberts has always been known for his exceptional aesthetic taste in specimens, and I had seen this in his collection for years. When he broke up the remainder of the collection at Tucson 2012, this was one I had to go after. Joe Budd Photos.