Cavansite on Mordenite
Wagholi Quarries, Wagholi, Pune Dist., Maharashtra, India
Small Cabinet, 7.8 x 4.6 x 4.4 cm
$9,000.00 Payment Plan Available
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Electric blue cavansite at its best is a unique color, not seen in any other natural mineral species. To see it contrasted against the most rare and color-contrasting matrix possible, this snow white mordenite, is amazing. For every 1000 cavansites, you might see just a few on the powdery snow white matrix of mordenite, which gives the best contrast. And of those, how many cavansites themselves have top color and the large form of these sharp crystals? Few! These large crystals are literally the top quality, and in a sharp cluster, 4 cm tall, perfectly perched. This is a superior cavansite that stands out for color and style above most others, hard to convey in video but obvious in person..