Spodumene Var. Kunzite
Nuristan, Laghman Province, Afghanistan
Large Cabinet, 33.5 x 4.0 x 1.5 cm
Ex. Herb Obodda
Kunzite from Nuristan region is now fairly common on the market, but one still can seek out individual pieces which excel above the crowd. This exceptionally sharp, elongated, totally gem crystal masses 500 grams; and for its unique aesthetics was one of the few large gem crystals kept by Herb Obodda in his collection (which we recently acquired), over decades of travel to this region. Some people love matrix kunzites, some prefer these gem floaters (complete and formed all the way around). Although there are certainly bigger kunzite floaters, I have seen few this size with such elegance. The crystal has only two minor spots of damage on an edge, and a small contact with a bit of attached matrix in the middle - otherwise pristine. It is well-terminated and has a pleasing pink color.. Joe Budd photos