Yellow Spodumene
Pech, Laghman, Afghanistan
Cabinet, 10.2 x 6.7 x 4.3 cm
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A gorgeous, fancifully sculpted gem crystal that is unusual for both color and shape: Yellow spodumene is actually quite rare, much more rare than the green or pink varieties, and all the various shades of blue/lavender which we sometimes see. Triphane, as the green variety is sometimes called, is almost always the name for crystals with a greenish tint. This is yellow, a definite honey/amber yellow color, and so it is difficult to decide what to call it. In the past, I saw Herb Obodda simply label these as Spodumene, so we will do the same. This color is seen only in a few pockets over time, and at a fraction of the amount we see pink kunzites. Also, I cannot recall seeing such a pure honey-yellow color from any other locality in Brazil, California, or Afghanistan. This particular crystal is a complete floater with really interesting shape, perfect all around. It is 280 grams. It came from a small find a few years ago around 2019.