Calcite With Manganese & Hematite Inclusions
Banana Slide, Haile Moor Mine, Egremont, Cumberland, Cumbria, England
Small Cabinet, 7.9 x 6.0 x 5.5 cm
Ex. Lindsay Greenbank

This unusual cluster of calcite crystals shows sharp colors and contrasts. The crystals, to 4 cm in length, are prismatic and have dispersed and attractive red hematite staining the lower 3/4 of the crystals. The terminations are colorless and transparent, but have sharp black dendritic manganese inclusions which add a very unusual accent to the piece. From the infamous Banana Slide area, Haile Moor Mine. Obtained from miner Arthur Scoble, purchased in 1994. Illustrated in "Classic Minerals of Northern England," page 124