Legrandite (Rare Type Locality Specimen)
Miniature, 4.8 x 5.3 x 2.5 cm
Flor de Pena Mine, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Legrandite comes at its biggest crystal size from Ojuela, BUT this smaller, more isolated locale in another state was the type lcoale, and specimens from here are MUCH less common (though ANY good legrandite is rare). This habit is distinctive, to the mine, as is the matrix. This would thus be an old specimen, probably 1950s or earlier (it was first found here in 1932). Most Flor da Pena legrandites are blebs on a rock, or small, isolated crystals that really do not produce a specimen with display "oomph." However, this piece has the most packed, concentrated showing of crystals I have seen for the mine, all with intense lemon-yellow color. I regard this specimen highly, therefore: it merges my favorite criteria of import in a natural history and rarity sense, with display quality beauty on a shelf. The color impact is worth the price, as it would be with any Ojuela legrandite, in my opinion; but it is a more important piece overall than what you might get for the price form the more popular Ojuela locality (and, again, that mine has not produced legrandite in over 25 years anyhow) .