Grossular Garnet (Rare Pink Color)
Jeffrey Mine, Asbestos, Richmond Co., Quebec, Canada
Small Cabinet, 5.6 x 3.8 x 1.7 cm
PINK garnet is extremely uncommon and pink grossulars, from the Jeffrey Mine, have been found in only a very few small pockets over many decades of mining there (and the quarry is now defunct, so there will ot be more). They have been priced like gold from the miners, with even small reference samples with 1-3 mm bashed crystals, selling for several hundred dollars. This is a large, rich plate of the material, and is an exceptional specimen of very high quality, which I sold to a collector back in the late 1990s when these came out (and recently bought back). It has crystals to just under 1 cm, and they are absolutely gemmy-clean, and sparkling with luster. There is only a very trivial amount of damage, to the periphery where the piece contacted others: inevitable and acceptable as these were all chopped off the walls as thin, adjacent, plates. This is the best one I have had back for sale in about a decade, and I regard it highly. Lastly, there were varying shades of pink color. This has the absolute richest color you could have gotten at the time, very intense. The price may seem expensive, and no question it is expensive, compared to other Jeffrey garnet styles and colors. But, it has been this way since they came out, and again this is, I think, one of the better ones